About us

1. A manner, way, or method of doing or acting
2. A French word for style

What is ourMode?
What started as a mutual interest in style and fun of putting together new outfits became the starting block of ourMode, a his and her style blog. We don’t profess to be fashion experts but rather, style appreciators. We believe it’s amazing that everyone can have their own unique style and this is what ourMode represents. Our posts will highlight our outfits, as well as some of our daily adventures.

Video by Tim Clark; Story by Steeven K.


Look good, feel good, do great!
Whether its to revamp your wardrobe, put together an outfit, or styling for a photo shoot or fashion show, we’d love to help! We’re available for mens, women’s, or couples styling projects. For inquiries, send us an email at

personal styling
Attending a gala? Starting a new job? Or have a first date that you’re nervous about? We can take the guesswork out of putting together those looks, so you can focus on being you!

personal shopping
If you’re looking to update and refresh your wardrobe, we can style head-to-toe outfits and also versatile looks for a more budget-friendly option. We’re there to pull items for you, give you that second opinion, and take the stress out of shopping.

creative projects
We can help achieve your vision for a photo shoot or fashion show, whether its creative, lifestyle, editorial, and anything in between! Having worked with various photographers before and styling our own looks for shoots, we know exactly how to translate that inspiration board into that final work of art.

Lets get in touch!

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