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I’ve been wearing a lot of black lately. It could be the change of seasons, and that I’m mourning the six-month departure of summer in Ottawa. Or it could be that black is just the easiest to wear.

These past few months have been amongst the weirdest time of my life. Being almost 25, done my Bachelors, but hanging in limbo between this weird post-undergrad funk and the next step in my education — takes a toll on you. It was one thing being fresh out of undergrad, surrounded by friends that didn’t have “real jobs” yet. But its totally new territory when everyone around you has a career, are getting married, buying homes, and don’t even get me started on having babies. While you’re just still “working on it”.


For those that don’t know me very well, I’ve had my entire being set on becoming a veterinarian for the past four years. But between hitting some (ahem, more of like a lot of) obstacles and really burning myself out, I’m a little bit behind on that dream. So for the most part of summer until now, I’ve essentially put my friends and everything I love to do on hold  and dove headfirst into the books. My days consist of waking up early, studying for ten to twelve hours, then going to bed and doing it again. I’ve stopped running, going out like a normal person, working, and really limited our blogging down to the most important projects and collaborations. In hindsight, a bit more balance would’ve been healthier.

I’m so over being in this weird, transitory stage, and so ready to take the next step in my life. Yeah, the past six months have been rough, and I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard, or ever wanted something so bad. Ambition is certainly a double-edged sword. Can anyone relate?


I’m sure each and every one of us is in some sort of limbo and are working towards something more — whether its with our careers, families, friendships, relationships, or fitness goals. We just have to remember to keep on pushing, because sacrifices now mean you can enjoy the fruit of your labour in a few years. It’ll all be worth it. But don’t trust me on this though, trust in yourself.
“Nothing that’s worthwhile is ever easy. Remember that.” Thanks Mr. Sparks. This has gotten me through many the sleepless night.

Anyway, I digressed a bit, didn’t I? Well, that explains why I’ve been wearing a lot of black. It’s just the easiest thing to wear, while still looking polished. Throw on some of your staple black pieces (and a little bit of makeup), and no one will ever guess that you got dressed in fifteen minutes that morning. Well there’s my fashion tip du jour! Phewf, I can still call myself a style blogger.

black-leather-jacket what she’s wearing | Le Chateau jacket | Expression Chelsea boots | Sirens skirt | Kate Moss for Rimmel 107


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