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    Black and greys mean sweater days

    One of my fave things about fall fashion is that wearing a lot of blacks and greys is welcomed. Heck, I’d even say encouraged! There’s something inexplicably slick, stylish about near all-black ensembles. In short, Kanye approved. This Express toggle sweater is executed to perfection; right amount of toggle to knit ratio (we’ve all seen a couple sweaters that went toggle cray). The subtle gradient is the real show stopper — enough style to warrant leaving my topcoat at home. Now, to get the best out of my #allblackfashion I pay attention to textures. Express knocks it out of the park here with these moto-inspired denim. The ridges on the…

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    Leather and layers

    So, it’s officially fall over here. Every autumn, the change of seasons always seems to catch me off guard, as if I didn’t know that summer eventually has to end. You know, it all starts off with those days where you have no idea what to wear, because they start off super chilly, then you end up taking off all your layers in a hot, sweaty frenzy about midday. Then the ominous changing of leaf colour, signalling that it’s now socially acceptable to wear boots. Then all of a sudden, BAM — you start seeing your breath in the morning, and its officially knits season. Mother Nature’s sneaky tendencies aside,…