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There’s something so beautiful about a confident woman. She smiles with her eyes, stands a little bit taller, laughs a little bit louder, and emanates a contagious sort of vibrance. A confident woman isn’t afraid to be herself — whether she is simple or fabulous, quiet or loud, more comfortable in a white tee or summer dress.

While I believe that confidence comes from deep inside, and knowing that you are valuable in your own way, something that can make you feel fabulous can do wonders to your sense of confidence. This is what really spoke to me about Strut Jewelry. The brand embraces the beauty of a confident woman, yet understands that a little bit of hand-crafted sparkle could make a woman walk a little taller and prouder, and express her individuality on her own terms.

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Every piece of jewelry is handcrafted using locally and globally sourced gemstones and metals. I’m wearing a simple, geometric-inspired chevron necklace, paired with sterling silver hoops. They can be worn alone, but also make a perfect pairing together. I love how there is a shift in jewelry trends from large statement pieces, to understated, more simple jewelry. While I think there’s still a place for statement necklaces and earrings, simple jewelry brings the wearer’s focus to the craftsmanship and story behind the item.

I also got to know Alyssa, the #ladyboss behind Strut, while communicating back and forth via email over the past few weeks. Having left her 9-5 desk job to become a designer and businesswoman, her story spoke to me about the importance of being true to yourself, knowing your gifts, and most importantly, pursuing your passions. Not only am I inspired by her story, but I love the fact that this is a brand that embraces a woman’s natural beauty and confidence.

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what she’s wearing | STRUT simple gold bar necklace | STRUT silver longline hoops | STRUT silver chevron necklace |
Le Chateau trench coat | Thrifted midi skirt | Le Chateau purse

If you fancy, check out more of her collection here:
Facebook: Strut Jewelry
Instagram: @strutjewelry
Twitter: @StrutJewelry


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