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I’ve always been a holiday type of gal. By this, I mean I love pulling out all the stops when it comes to decor, celebrating, and of course, dressing for the occasion. Christmas means a dinner with all the fix-ins and holiday brunch with the fam, and wearing everything that glitters. Halloween spells out all the cheesy decor and an awesome costume. Valentines day calls for chocolate, flowers, a candlelit dinner (hint, hint CJ) and of course a romantic outfit to match.

Perhaps this is kind of cheesy, but when it comes to holidays, I truly believe that there’s a reason we’re celebrating, so I’ve always looked forward to those special days in the calendar — especially because these days are always marked with time off with friends and family.

I’m particularly excited about this year’s Valentine’s Day. In recent years, CJ has had to travel for annual conferences that always fall on the date, so I’ve been celebrating the day with my gals instead. These ladies nights out have been fabulous, as I love spending time with my girlfriends over a bottle of wine and some chocolate, but it’ll be nice to celebrate the holiday that commemorates love with who else, than the man I love!

nude-lace-dress-expressblack-lace-dressThis year, I’ll be wearing this sultry midi dress with lace-print detailing. The material is a lovely blend of materials that make it super comfortable to move in — perfect for perhaps, a nice dinner followed by some dancing. What I think really makes this dress a jaw-dropper however, is that illusion lace contrasted with the nude dress. The way that the lace pattern has been overlaid really accentuates your curves and the female figure.

I really appreciate all the thought the designers put into this dress. I often have issues with strapless dresses, and do the “pull-up-at-armpits” dance constantly, but the elastic upper keeps the dress put. The empire-seamed waist is also incredibly flattering around your midsection. I don’t say this lightly, but this is definitely a dress that has been made with women in mind! While I really only care about turning my hubby’s head on Valentine’s Day, CJ says that this number is really a head-turner. I’ll take that 🙂

express-lace-dresssexy-lace-dress-bodyconstrapless-lace-dressHowever you’re spending your February 14th, I think it’s a special date because it’s a holiday dedicated to taking the time to appreciate those that mean a lot to you — whether that’s your hubby, boyfriend, or troop of girlfriends! While I think we should show that love and appreciation to our other halves and friends everyday, this is a day to celebrate the fact that you have these special people in your life


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