Denim that moves with you


Rigid. Unforgiving. Uncomfortable. These are usually the word/thoughts that come to mind when we think of jean wearing. If we really think about it though, jeans are the most common item in our wardrobes. Whether it’s work, play, or anything in between, when in doubt “throw on some jeans, man.”

When EXPRESS highlighted their stretch denim as this month’s item to test-drive, I was quite curious. Can jeans really feel like anything but jeans? If the photo set is any indication, let’s just say I had wayyy too much fun sporting these.

express-japanese-graphic-teeexpress-blue-stretch-jeansWhile EXPRESS has several fits for various body types, I’m rockin’ the slim Rocco. Roomy enough in the thigh for my big ol’ soccer legs, yet still with a modern taper. Let me tell you though, these jeans move with you! If you’re a student, a professional who dresses casually, or if jeans are simply your daily driver, you will feel right at home in these as you bounce around town. On the other hand, if you’re more into the way classic denim, this may not be for you.

To square off the emsemble, I went for a dressy casual look. This cotton unstructured blazer is perfect to throw over this cool graphic tee (don’t ask me what it means though). On my feet, are also EXPRESS numbers. All I can say is if you don’t already have a pair of white sole black upper shoes, go get you some.

Oh and don’t mind me, I’m just living out my childhood dream to be a #bboy. Now if you only knew how many shots it took to get this…


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