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A dapper NYE


Is it just me, or did December fly by?! By the time you’re reading this post it’ll be a few days before Christmas. While I won’t be seeing my immediate family this holiday season, as they live in Dubai (nuts, I know) I’ll be travelling back on the eve to the #6ix see family as well Kath’s folks. Bring on double Christmas dinners!

And then before you know it,’s gone. The laughter, the cheer, the never ending amounts of food (here’s to hoping grandma hooks it up), and the “do nothing and chill” attitude of the holidays. Once boxing day hits, it’s time to cash in on electronics and most importantly, shop for that all important New Year’s Eve outfit.

mens-express-shirt-tie-combomens-express-stretch-suitThough we aren’t sure yet where we’ll be ringing in the festivities, I’m already thinking this Express stretch mens suit will fit the bill. Tapered and made for today’s modern man, this sleek suit is ready to wear off the rack. Getting around to a tailor at this time of the year could be tricky, so this is key.

What I love most about this suit though, is that it moves with you. Some suits seem to fight you back when you minimally overstrike your step, but not this guy. It’s stretch fabric will keep you groovin’ all night long, as you tear up the dance floor. Throw in the bonus wrinkle resistant tech, and you’ve got one slick combo to keep you looking your best all night.

express-grey-red-striped-tiemens-express-grey-billiard-socksUnderneath my jacket, we went bold this time since Kath says I have way too many solid and dotted ties. I say we, because the lady styled the IMX fitted dress shirt and tie combo. I reckon’ she did a pretty decent job, don’t you think?

What is likely one of our last posts for the year, we want to say thank you for visiting our little closet space on the World Wide Web. Wishing you a safe and joyful holiday season with your loved ones. Cheers!


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Wooden pocket squares: The new must-have men’s accessory

baffi collection, ottawa fashion, dapper gent, mens casual friday

If you know me well, you know I’m a classic guy through and through. So when the gents at Baffi Collection reached out to me to test drive their svelte wooden pocket squares, I was excited yet admittedly reserved. Can a wooden square really force the early retirement of a silk number? Though they are competing for that coveted slot in your breast pocket, it’s best to think of them as complimentary. Let me tell why.

Build quality
Right off the bat, Baffi squares are awesome. No doubt about it. Sourced from top quality wood and hand-crafted right here in Canada, these wooden accessories are functional, yet stylish. So you can be assured that your coin is being well spent.

baffi collection, ottawa fashion, dapper gent, mens casual friday
Ease of use
Even better, they’re dead simple to use. Just stick the wooden card in your breast pocket, then attach the slim magnet on the inside and poof! Like magic, it holds in place. If you’re a no-hassle kind a guy, yet still like to get dapper, Baffi squares are for you.

baffi collection, ottawa fashion, dapper gent, mens casual friday baffi collection, ottawa fashion, dapper gent, mens casual friday
The compliment factor
Let’s be honest here, if it doesn’t get a compliment…erm may as well just tuck it away. No worries here though, as Baffi squares are statement pieces. Reactions ranged from “Is that wood in your pocket?” to “that’s such a smart idea, where can I get one?” Some of the squares are even reversible, so midway through your event you could even switch things up and really turn some heads.

baffi collection, ottawa fashion, dapper gent, mens casual friday
Final impressions
If you’ve stuck with me since the beginning, you probably want to know if wooden squares will be replacing your silk squares anytime soon. Short answer? No, they won’t as I believe silk will always be the go-to for most gents. That said, I was pleasantly surprised at how professional wood looks. It can be dressed up, or down, it’s really up to you.

If you’re more daring, Baffi has louder creations to really draw attention. If you’re more conservative, it’s equally as easy to pick up a more simple design that’ll look right at home in a boardroom. Not just novelty item, Baffi wooden squares can be a staple in every man’s closet. Learn more about them here, and use promo code, promoottawa2015 to get the hook up!

baffi collection, ottawa fashion, dapper gent, mens casual friday

Baffi Collection
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